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  • Hi Mark, Thank you for your prompt response and the valuation certificate.
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    Mr Meyer, Surrey
  • Hi Mark,
    Thank you so much for the valuation and information provided. Greatly appreciated.
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    Mr Faure, London
  • Hi Mark,
    I would like to express my thanks for the highly professional service you have provided so please do let me know if there is a way in which I can provide a formal review/testimonial message as I would be more than happy to do so.
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    Ms Penn, Averham
  • Dear Mark,
    Nice talking to you and thank you very much for the valuation report which looks good.
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    Mr Mann. Brighton
  • Hi Mark,
    Thank you for providing the report so promptly.
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    Ms Vernon, Southampton
  • Hi Mark,
    That’s great. Thanks.
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    Mr Strong. London
  • Dear Sue,
    Many thanks for your hard work.
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    Mr Darzi. Little Chalfont
  • Dear Sue,
    Thank you, that all looks good to us.
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    Mrs Hammond. Romsey
  • WOW thanks.
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    Mr Bootle. Somerset
  • Thank you for this. I am happy with the valuations and they include a lot more detail than the original ones!
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    Lobley. Wokingham
  • Thank you for sending the report so promptly: it certainly seems the items needed revaluing!
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    Makepeace. Andover
  • Hi Sue,
    Yes that all looks fine. Very good photos! Thank you for your excellent service.
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    Cardew. Surrey
  • Dear Mark, This is perfect thank you very much!
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  • I came to London to have my engagement ring valued, and I was referred to Prestige Valuations. I scheduled a meeting in two days. They provided a valuation for me based on the diamond certificate from GIA and the report, all in one day. It is amazing!
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    It is amazing!
  • I got my watches valued online within 48 hours. Speedy, timely and reasonably priced: Prestige Valuations is a gem!
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    Prestige Valuations is a gem
  • Professional valuators and lovely people! Got my rings valued within an hour. Got my money’s worth. Thanks!
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  • Hi Tim, thanks for valuating my jewellery and giving me advice! I’m very pleased with the service and grateful for your help!
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  • Prestige Valuations is probably one of the best services in Hatton Garden. I had my ring valued online within one day. Other valuators charge 1.5% more and kept my ring for two weeks!
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  • Quick efficient and straightforward process, clearly explained! Thanks for your help.
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  • Thanks Tim - you were very helpful, I needed the valuation done really quickly and you delivered.
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  • Dear Sue, thanks a million - really appreciated all your advice and help.
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  • Great service ! it was very interesting and now I know you sell Diamonds and hand make jewellery in Hatton garden, I will be contacting you soon.
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  • Hi Mark, Thanks for the watch valuation, as you can see I am a collector and love my watches. Your valuation was spot on and I now have peace of mind.
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  • Thank you.
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    Mrs C. Ilford
  • Many thanks for the prompt valuation of my Rolex Submariner.
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    Mr Z. Lincoln.
  • Thank you very much Mark, speed and quality of service was amazing.
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    Mr O. Hornchurch.
  • Really appreciate your fast amazing efforts.
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    Mr B. London.
  • Thank you very much indeed. I really appreciate the fast turnaround.
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    Mr S. London.
  • I was very impressed by the friendly and competent service I received from you today and your very prompt forwarding of the valuation report.
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    Mr J. London.
  • I am really impressed by the service that you offer and will certainly recommend you where I can. I will make an appointment with Tim for him to look at my other watches.
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    Mr Y. Surrey.
  • Hello Mark, Many thanks for the valuation. Really impressed with the quick next day turnaround and the quality of document.
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    Mr A. London
  • Many thanks indeed for your very prompt attention and service.
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    Mr S. London
  • Thank you so much, I am very satisfied with your service and your quick turnaround time.
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    Mrs F. London.
  • Thank you very much for this. Very impressed with your service.
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    Mr C. Balham.
  • Thanks for the quick reply Mark. I also mentioned your services to some of the ladies I work with. Thanks again.
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    Mr G. Surrey.
  • Many thanks for prompt turnaround on this!
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    Mr D. Orpington
  • I appreciate your help in valuing the watch and arranging for the second, in-person valuation. Hope to be in touch in the future.
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    Mr L. London
  • Many thanks for the report and I am planning to have all our family's watches and jewellery assessed and catalogued as soon as I can organise myself !
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    Mrs K. London
  • Mark, You are so kind, thank you for turning this around so quickly and being so helpful over the phone!! I learned so much! I will definitely be back :)
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    Miss H. London
  • Thank you for the documents, much appreciated.
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    Mr S. Twickenham
  • Many thanks for sending the valuation report and for your friendly and efficient service.
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    Miss B. Walthamstow
  • I'm happy with your valuations from Tim, however pleasantly surprised and shocked at the replacement cost of the rolex.
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    Mr N. Bromley
  • Thanks for doing so quickly, Mark.
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    Mr G. London
  • Mr G. London
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    Mr H. London
  • Tim, thanks so much for your help with this process!
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    Mr J. London
  • Perfect, thank you for all your help!
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    Mr J. Worcester.
  • Thanks for the good service Mark.
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    Mr M. Harrogate.
  • Thank you very much for the valuation, the quick service was excellent.
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    Mr D. South Croydon
  • Perfect thanks!
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    Miss W.
  • Thank you very much for this, it is most appreciated.
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    Mr P. London.
  • Thank you for a fantastic service. I will definitely recommend Prestige Valuations to friends and family!
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    Miss M. London.
  • Great, thank you.
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    Mr G. London.
  • Great, thanks. Mark.
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    Mr F. London.
  • This is perfect thank you very much!
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    Ms B. London.
  • Thanks very much for sending this through and for your time earlier this week. We'll certainly keep you in mind for the future!
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    Ms W.
  • fab - thank you so much!
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    Ms N.
  • Thanks very much for sending this through and for your time earlier this week. We'll certainly keep you in mind for the future!
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    Ms W. Surrey
  • Fab - thank you so much!
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    Ms N. Hatfield.
  • Thank you for yesterday. We both enjoyed meeting you and finding out about our jewellery and learnt so much from your in depth knowledge. It most certainly is enlightening to see how these investments have held or increased in value over the years.
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    Mr C. Norfolk.
  • Thank you Ash, for your speedy work.
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    Miss K. Essex
  • Very pleasantly surprised at the value of my grandfather’s watch although I would never sell it and it will be passed down the family line.
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    Mr Y. Surrey
  • Many thanks Mark for the swift response! Thank you.
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    Mr W. Sevenoaks