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As a leading appraisal company, Prestige Valuations offers jewelry, watch, handbag and fine art appraisal services for high-net-worth clients. Our office is located in SoHo - Hudson Square, New York.

Jewelry, Watch, & Handbag Appraisal Services

We offer jewelry and watch appraisal services for insurance purposes. You can get your items appraised online from the comfort of your home.

Apart from luxury watch and jewelry appraisal services, we also offer fine art and handbag appraisal services.

We have unparalleled knowledge and experience in appraising private and public collections of fine art and antiques, jewelry, luxury watches and handbags.

We appraise all forms of fine art, antique items, decorative art, collectibles, and household items as well.

Chubb, Hiscox, and Oak all accept our appraisals. Some of the top international insurance brokers are also associated with us.

It is crucial to mention that if an individual has a certified appraisal document for a piece, we do not consider it necessary to reappraise the piece, we would just match the piece with the document and then accordingly upgrade it. This significantly decreases both time and expense.

Our interaction with our clients is absolutely private and discreet. We only provide appraisal information to insurance companies and brokers with the permission of our clients. We can also work on 'agreed' values instead of complete retail replacement, which is an appealing alternative for most of our high-net-worth clientele.

After completing an appraisal and entering it into our secure system, we can update it twice a year for a minimal cost per piece and notify insurers accordingly.

Appraisal Tariff

Find below our easy and transparent appraisal tariff.


(Up to 4-5 days)

Online jewelry/watch appraisal service for insurance - just starts just at $85 per item
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(1 Day Service)

Express online jewelry/watch appraisal service - starts at $110 per item
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