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Pictures of matchstick men and you

Pictures of matchstick men and you

Pictures of matchstick men and you

LS Lowry: Going to the Match. The original painting was bought by the Professional Footballers’ Association for £1.9 million in 1999. This print that was published by the Medici Society in 1972 and is currently on sale for £36,000.

The artist who is known for his matchstick men, is Laurence Stephen Lowry. Because of the ‘Lowry and the Painting of Modern Life’ exhibition, his work has become more popular, the exhibition took place in the Tate in 2013.

However, were not talking about the original works and sketches, but the prints which were very popular artworks in many households. Most Lowry prints feature a blind stamp. This is an image, design or lettering on an art print or book formed by creating a depression in the paper or other material.

Lowry prints were published by a lot of galleries and institutions, like Venture Prints Ltd, Adam Collection Ltd and also the Sunday Observer.