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Our valuation expert will come to your home at your convenience to ensure that your precious items are valued securely and discretely.

Fee: £165 per hour

About Prestige Valuations

Tim and Nigel have huge experience and understanding of the jewellery claims process having worked in this sector for last 30 years and are continually meeting customers who are woefully under insured and totally devastated when they have a loss or theft. The settlement is rarely sufficient to match the current price of replacement. The bespoke jewellery replacement service offered by Tim has on countless occasions softened the blow and their experience in replicating bespoke items has been widely acclaimed within the industry.

Tim Belson and his colleague Nigel Sykes decided it was time to redress the balance and offer an easily accessible and effective jewellery valuation service to help protect clients from underinsurance and provide professional advice before a loss or theft takes place.

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Prestige valuation services

Prestige valuation services

Jewellery and watches valuation services

‘Prestige Valuations’ is the UK's leading specialist in independent watch valuation. We provide an unrivalled level of expertise that ranges from contemporary to vintage items.
Our valuations for insurance service consists of a full description of the watch, including style, metals used, model number, and identification number. Prestige Valuations not only photograph your watch, but also all accompanying documentation, including invoice, guarantee, evidence of provenance, so that in the unfortunate event of a theft in which even all the documents are stolen with your watch, we will have photocopy of all the important documents.

Home visit service

Prestige Valuations provide a jewellery and fine art valuation service for high net worth clients. Our head office is located in London's Hatton Garden - the heart of the UK jewellery trade. Prestige Valuations have access to the finest craftsmen in Europe. Our master craftmen are capable of making almost anything and have proved their skill time after time.
Home visit service
Home visit service

Bespoke Jewellery

At Prestige Valuations, we can achieve anything you want in terms of design. That special diamond or Ruby ring you have always wanted is easily achievable.
The Director of Prestige Valuations have been making jewellery in Hatton Garden for the last 35 years and during that time have worked with some of the finest craftsmen in Europe using some of the most advanced techniques.

Repair and Restoration

At Prestige Valuations, we can undertake any jewellery repair needs you may have, from polishing, plating and sizing rings to re-tipping, re-shanks and replacement stones.
We can add gold, or replace worn parts of your rings to help to keep them looking at their best and to help keep those precious stones secure.
Repair and Restoration

our Portfolio

Supplying bespoke jewellery from our office and workshop in London's central Hatton Garden, the historic heart of the UK jewellery trade, we manufacture the jewellery that you need in the way that you want.