About Us

Tim and Nigel have vast experience and understanding of the jewellery claims process having worked in this sector for last 30 years and are continually meeting customers who are woefully under insured and totally devastated when they have a loss or theft. The settlement is rarely sufficient to match the current price of replacement. The bespoke jewellery replacement service offered by Tim has on countless occasions softened the blow and their experience in replicating bespoke items has been widely acclaimed within the industry.

Tim Belson and his colleague Nigel Sykes decided it was time to redress the balance and offer an easily accessible and effective jewellery valuation service to help protect clients from underinsurance and provide professional advice before a loss or theft takes place.

Although we have of course been providing pre loss valuations for the last three decades, we decided to launch Prestige Valuations and offer our services to the more discerning clients looking for a totally discreet and private relationship.

In order to assist clients, we decided to set up a business which enables clients to have a quick on the spot jewellery valuation, which can be done online, in our office or by visiting your house/place.
Diamond Valuation
Gemstone Valuation