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Jewellery Claim Online


Prestige Valuations have developed software which allows clients to make their Jewellery claim online.


The software asks a series of simple, structured questions which are basic and easy to answer.


All the information is received onto our claims platform and linked to our online claims validation tool known as Validator which automatically calculates the value of jewellery and watches online. The database holds literally millions of different combinations of jewellery and current prices on all the more important watch brands.


The whole process is supported by experienced and qualified jewellers who are on hand to answer any questions and assist clients in the process. The Jeweller will then be able to assess the value of the claim and The Jeweller/Claims manager will be in a position to make a settlement call to the client .


Benefit to policy holders

  • Swift settlement.
  • Easy data entry with capability to upload documentation to support claim.
  • Can be used by different members of the family at different times .
  • More accurate and consistent form of validation allowing time for client to prepare claim in the comfort of their own home.
  • The validation is fully auditable and method of validation can be explained to client.


Benefit to Insurers

  • Huge reduction in claim cycle times.
  • Huge reduction in claims handling costs.
  • More accurate and consistent than any other method.
  • Fully Auditable - full explanation of workings.
  • Validation that is totally independent of supply at a cost that is no more than current industry norms.

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