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The 4 C’s Of Diamond Grading



0.25 ct
4.10 mm


0.50 ct
5.20 mm


0.75 ct
5.90 mm


1.00 ct
6.50 mm


1.50 ct
7.40 mm


2.00 ct
8.20 mm


5.00 ct
11.00 mm

Carat purely refers to the weight of a diamond. Properly cut diamonds have a direct correlation between carat weight and diameter.

Diamonds are weighed in metric carats. One metric carat equates to 0.2 grams. One metric carat (ct) can be broken into 100 equal units called points (pt). For example, a 0.52ct diamond can be described as a 52pt diamond.

If access to an electronic scale is not possible, or if the diamond is already in a piece of jewellery, measurements can be taken, and an accurate approximate weight can be calculated. A minimum of three measurements need to be taken: length, width and depth.

4Cs Scales Sliders - Carat