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Tips To Buy Diamond Engagement Ring

Tips To Buy Diamond Engagement Ring

Tips To Buy Diamond Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring can be tricky. You need to select the best design. You have to decide on the metal to be used to craft the ring. If you want the ring to be in gold, then you have to choose the colour of gold – yellow, white or rose. And most importantly, you need to finalise the quality of the centre diamond and the diamonds around it. We are here to guide you with the tips of buying a diamond engagement ring.

Colours Of Gold

Gold jewellery you get in the market is available in three hues - yellow, white and rose. But the gold's natural colour is the result of its atomic structure and the movement of electrons within that structure. Due to this the metal selectively reflects light of red and yellow wavelengths. This effect results in the wavelength of colour we call 'gold'.

Tips To Buy Diamond Engagement Ring

Since pure gold is too soft to craft studded gold engagement rings, so it is used in the alloy form, which means that it is mixed with the other metals like copper, silver and zinc to make it more harder and durable. And in the process, the colour of gold also changes a bit depending on the metals added.

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Purity Of Gold

The measure of the purity of a precious metal is fineness. Fineness is based on parts per thousand (ppt).to state the fineness of gold, the term karat (K) is used. Pure gold is 24 parts gold or 24K. 18K gold is 18 parts gold and six parts alloying metals. It is 75 percent pure gold its fineness is 750 ppt. Similarly, 14K gold is 58.3 percent gold or 14 parts gold and 10 parts alloying metal or metals. The information about the purity of gold is stamped inside the ring. So check this information before buying.

Tips To Buy Diamond Engagement Ring

White Gold

When the couples want to have white metal engagement rings, then white gold is the popular choice. White gold rings are crafted by alloying pure gold with white metals like nickel, palladium and zinc. Most of the times, it is plated with rhodium for a whiter look, more shine and to guard it against scratching. Note that the rhodium can wear away with time so you need to get it re-plated.

Tips To Buy Diamond Engagement Ring

Rose Gold

These days rose gold engagement rings are becoming popular among couples. Rose gold rings are crafted alloying gold with copper and silver. Jewellery designers and goldsmiths experiment to get the trending rose gold hue.

Tips To Buy Diamond Engagement Ring

Grades Of Diamonds

When buying the diamond engagement ring, you need to decide on the quality of diamonds to be studded in the ring, especially the centre one. After all, the centre diamond is the King and beauty of the ring! Diamonds are graded on the D-to-Z colour scale. The best diamonds are graded D. They are completely colourless diamonds. Diamonds with light yellow or brown are at the bottom and are graded as Z.

How To Select Colour Of Gold With Your Diamond

The facets of a diamond are like tiny mirrors, they reflect what is close to them. This makes it essential to choose the colour of the metal properly so that it adds to the beauty of the centre diamond. Mounting and the prongs in yellow gold will be reflected in yellowish hue in the centre diamond. And the white and rose gold will produce whitish/colourless and pinkish reflection respectively. So, for the diamonds graded G to J, white gold is suggested. For diamonds graded M or lower opt yellow or white gold. With diamonds graded from M to Z, rose gold is an ideal choice for making charming engagement rings. And at the same time, for diamonds graded from D to L, rose gold adds a pop of colour.

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