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The 4 C’s Of Diamond Grading


The arrows in the image below represent rays of light. Ideally, the diamond is cut properly so that light reflects internally and returns to your eye. You see this as sparkle and flashes of colour.

Shallow Cut

Deep Cut

Excellent/Ideal Cut

The cut of a diamond refers to its shape, cutting style and facet pattern. The grade is based around the proportions and facet angles of the diamond and is evaluated within precise mathematical parameters.

The cut grade scale ranges from Excellent to Poor and is broken down into seven factors: Brightness, Scintillation, Fire, Weight Ratio, Durability (understood as Design), Polish & Symmetry (understood as Craftsmanship). By GIA standards, the overall cut grade is determined by the lowest value assigned to any of these seven quality factors.

Brightness – the face-up display of all a diamond’s internal and external reflections of white light.

Scintillation – a combination of pattern and sparkle. Sparkle consists of the flashes of coloured and white light as the diamond, light source or observer moves. Pattern is the relative arrangement, size and contrast of dark and bright areas when viewing face-up.

Fire – the appearance and amount of flashes of coloured light a diamond shows when viewed face-up.

Weight Ratio – A diamond’s weight in relation to its diameter. A diamond should not weigh more than its diameter would indicate.

Durability – the potential damage that can result from a thin girdleduring normal wear.

Polish – the condition of facet surfaces.

Symmetry – The exactness of a diamond’s symmetry and placement of its facets.

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